Frequently asked questions

For whom is Memlook intended?

Memlook is intended for anyone that wants to share the memories of loved ones who are unfortunately no longer with us. This application enables users to create profiles of their relatives and friends and make them known to others. This allows them to get interesting photos from relatives or friends, or just get more information on the life of the departed person to whom the profile was dedicated.

Can I add paper photos to the profile?

Yes, there is a special function in the Application for this purpose. The photos may be scanned, cropped and uploaded. Otherwise, any pictures stored in the mobile memory can of course be uploaded in the usual manner.

How can I let my friends know about the profile I have just created for someone?

Simply click on the "Invite" icon in the created profile and enter the e-mail addresses of anyone you want to invite.

Can I contribute to a profile that is owned by someone else?

To be able to write posts, one has to be invited by the user who created the profile. If uninvited, it is only possible to insert the "Great person" or "I miss you".

Do I have to pay any fees?

The Memlook application is free of charge for all users.

What does Memlook mean?

This word is composed of two words: Look and Memory.